Address: MEXICO CITY Providencia 1552, Tlacoquemécatl Del Valle, ZIP Code 03200, Mexico City.
Phone: +52 (55) 55 36 59 59 / +52 (55) 36 96 02

Alvarez Delucio was founded on January 20, 2000 to provide specialized Industrial an intellectual Property services in Mexico and around the world.

With the extensive experience of its partners and associates, ALVAREZ DELUCIO has achieved a wide network of co-workers and law firms that allow providing high-quality services and competitive prices to support the protection of the companies’ intangible assets.

Our specialized team of attorneys and professional IP practitioners have the competences and expertise that allows us assisting clients of all industries handling their IP assets and acting before the different authorities and instances, bringing full support and certainty on our management and results.


Other offices: Monterrey Cintermex, Av. Fundidora 501 L. 141 Isla M P.B. CP. 64010, Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Team Members

Beatriz Alvarez Delucio

Patent Department Manager

Patricia Alvarez Delucio

Foreign Department Manager

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