Address: Patpol 162J Nowoursynowska St. 02-776 Warsaw Poland,
Phone: +48 22 546 91 00

PATPOL – the leading IP law firm in Poland – was founded in 1966 and is one of two Polish intellectual property firms with such a long history and tradition. Over 50 years of activity, PATPOL have developed a broad network of national and international professional associations.

PATPOL is a recognized partner of renowned international corporations and Polish firms. The Organizational structure of PATPOL is based on three main departments, the Patent Department, Trademark Department and Legal Department – transformed into a separate legal entity, Patpol Legal in October this year.

The team is currently over 80 people strong and is able to provide our clients with comprehensive service in all IP matters starting from filing an IP right to its effective enforcement before a court. Our qualified and experienced team comprising patent and trademarks attorneys, lawyers and specialists, advise on IP issues in English, German, French or Russian.



Team Members

Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz

Managing Director and Head of Trademarks and Designs Department

Aleksandra Kryśka

Deputy Head of Trademarks and Designs Department

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