COLBS Estudio Legal

Address: Torre La Sabana, Piso 3 y 11. Avenida Las Américas Calle 60, Sabana Norte, San José, Costa Rica.
Phone: +506 4700-6400

COLBS Legal Studio is a corporate law firm, specialized in the areas of commercial law, intellectual property and conflict resolution. We have ample experience in providing domestic and cross-border legal services, advising corporations and individuals through a wide array of commercial and industrial sectors, to ensure the success of their businesses and projects in Costa Rica.

As a young and dynamic firm, we break the pattern of large law firms, by understanding the relevance of today´s interconnected world and by providing ingenious and bespoke solutions to our clients. Our team is composed by bright and forward-thinking individuals, graduated at some of the most prestigious universities in the world and with highly diverse backgrounds.

Founded in January 2018, by Costa Rican lawyers, Javier Escalante and Sebastián Jiménez, COLBS Legal Studio opened its doors with the vision of becoming a legal services one-stop shop for its clients, establishing a cohesive and integrated team of lawyers that would enable the firm to oversee a transaction from its commercial and business perspective, but also to understand and advise on tax, environmental or regulatory implications.

Intellectual Property

Our team works with laws to protect and enforce the rights of creators and owners of inventions, writing, music, designs, and other works. Some of our services include the registration and management of regional trademark portfolios (Central America and the Caribbean), registration of licenses (drafting and national presentation or Patent Cooperation Treaty), industrial designs, geographical indications, origin denomination, industrial secrets, domain names and image rights consultancy. Additionally, we offer our services in all matters concerning audits and due diligence processes, regional monitoring and surveillance services, transactions and litigation, intellectual property enforcement (Dispute Resolution, Infringement Actions and measures against counterfeiting), and the making of intellectual property contracts. Finally, at Colbs, we have incorporated Data Protection and Privacy into our IP practice, ensuring our clients a comprehensive service that takes into account relevant new trends in the practice area.

Team Members

Jessica Ward

Intellectual Property Coordinator

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