ABC Attorneys

Address: Capital Plaza, Mwai Kibaki rd, Mbezi Beach, Dar es salaam, Pobox 105722.
Phone: 0.999904404

We are proud to brand ourselves as the first law firm to specialize in Trademarks and Patents registrations in Tanzania. The firm was created to offer specific services and to be able do them well, register trademarks and Patents at a fraction of the cost offered by full service law firms. We always deliver in time and our clients work is like a rare jewel to us, we treasure, value and handle it with the outmost of care. We register in Tanzania (Tanganyika and Zanzibar) and the whole of east central and southern Africa.

We are by so far a big player in the Intellectual Property registrations in Tanzania. ABC Attorney’s combination of trademark, patent and design attorneys with specialist Intellectual Property lawyers is highly successful in the Tanzania legal services market, and presents our clients with a significant advantages.Our office in the Dar-es-salaam, the business hub of Tanzania, and other offices soon to be opened in Dodoma, Arusha and Mwanza helps us provide a comprehensive range of IP services to our clients.

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