The promotions will take effect from 1st January 2021

Carpmaels & Ransford is pleased to announce the promotion of Peter Herrick and Russell Woolley to Senior Associate, effective from 1st January 2021.

Peter, who sits within the Engineering and Tech teams, has a specialist knowledge in medical imaging technology that is supported by his background in theoretical and experimental physics. His day-to-day work is undertaken for a variety of clients in the optical, mechanical and electrical engineering sectors, and he also has experience tackling cases involving computer-implemented inventions.

Russell is a member of the Chemistry and Materials team. Building on his strong academic background, including a doctorate and a num ber of journal publications, he has a diverse portfolio of work across a range of core chemistry technologies. He has particular experience in the fields of batteries, alloys, food science, and ophthalmic devices.


Hugh Goodfellow, Managing Partner at Carpmaels & Ransford, comments:

“Congratulations to Peter and Russell who have proved themselves to be invaluable members of their teams. Their promotions are testament to the strength and depth of our expertise, as well as our commitment to retaining and supporting talent in the firm.”

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