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Strategic alliances are a good way of developing your IP firm into new markets. Dr Ian Lambert, Partner, Wynne-Jones IP reflects on his experiences of working in a multinational, pan-European strategic alliance.

Wynne-Jones IP has undergone a few major changes over the past few years, with substantial recruitment and an internal reorganization. The reorganization was necessary to ensure that we were in the best place possible to take advantage of new and exciting business opportunities that were coming our way. I think we are innovative compared to many in our peer group. Our partnership is very forward thinking, motivated towards growth and disposed towards seizing new business opportunities. We are ambitious to see the firm grow and prosper in the increasingly competitive IP marketplace and initial signs are that our hard work is delivering good results.

The invitation to join AIPEX (which stands for Allied IP Expertise) came up at a point in our business development where it fitted in well with our plans and aspirations. The work we obtain from the alliance sits well with our own practice. We are ambitious to develop Wynne-Jones; we have a considerable amount of in-house talent, both in the technical IP areas and in general business management. This is growth phase for us and our five year plan is both exciting and challenging.

The invitation to join AIPEX
There are many definitions of a ‘strategic alliance’; one that I like is ‘an agreement between two or more firms to pursue a set of mutual business goals while remaining as independent entities’. Strategic alliances take many forms, reflecting different degrees of integration of the member firms. Before being approached by the AIPEX organization, I had never thought about a strategic alliance in intellectual property (IP). It wasn’t on my radar, being an entirely alien business model.

We were invited to join AIPEX by IP specialists AOMB, the Dutch AIPEX member firm that had been instrumental in taking the first steps to set up the alliance. They knew Wynne-Jones through personal contact with some of the partners over the years and they had a reputation of delivering high quality service. They offered us the opportunity to be the UK member of this multi-member alliance with a view to pooling our collective marketing and business development know-how for non-EU markets,  with an initial emphasis on South East Asia. Request a free trial to read more.

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