Donald Trump has come under fire on numerous occasions since his appointment as President of the United States, and intellectual property is no exception to this. After being accused of using his power as president to further his personal business opportunities, it will come as no surprise that Trump has been accused of corruption in another country.

Trump owned patents in Russia decades ago, which the Russian government renewed throughout 2016, including four on the U.S. Election Day. According to the New York Times, The Russian government had renewed multiple patents connected with Trump hotels and other branded products of that were set to expire at the end of 2016. The revelation causes added suspicion to the President’s legitimacy and his business ties with the Kremlin.

Trump had insisted he had no business deals in Russia, but special counsel Robert Mueller is probing into alleged meddling by Russia in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

“”I have no deals in Russia. I have no deals that could happen in Russia, because we’ve stayed away,” he said in a January press conference days before his inauguration.

Meanwhile, Jay Sekulow, a representative from President Donald Trump’s legal team said the president was not under investigation for obstruction of justice. His campaign remains under several U.S. investigations for potential collusion with Moscow.

Trump had hired the law firm Sojuzpatent to file at least eight trademarks in Russia between 1996 and 2008, including “Trump,” “Trump Home” and “Trump Tower.”

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