An initial determination from the International Trade Commission (ITC) has found that a number of respondents, including Comcast, have violated two TiVo patents. A final ruling is expected to be made in September, but TiVo are said to be “pleased” with the decision.

TiVo, which merged with Rovi last fall and retained the TiVo name, said Monday in this SEC filing that the initial determination by the administrative law judge in the ITC case was delivered last Friday (May 26), noting that the judge determined that a violation of section 337 had occurred with respect to two TiVo patents – No. 8,006,263 and 8,578,413 – and that other four patents asserted by TiVo in the case “were found to have no violation at this point.”

The ‘263 and ‘413 patents describe “Interactive Television Program Guide with Remote Access.” Section 337 is tied to cases about alleged unfair competition in the importation of products, and their subsequent sale, into the U.S.

TiVo issued this statement:

“We are pleased that the International Trade Commission Administrative Law Judge ruled in our favor and found that two of our asserted patents are valid and infringed, and we look forward to the Commission affirming the final results in September.  This ruling reinforces the need for Comcast to take the necessary licenses to our intellectual property.”

TiVo shares were up $2.55 (15.5%), to $18.95 each, in afternoon trading Tuesday.

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