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Online version of The Patent Lawyer Magazine, an International Patent Law Publication. News and features cover all aspects of the patent industry, patent lawyers and patent law firms.

The Patent Lawyer Magazine is an international legal publication that focuses solely on the patent industry, patent lawyers and patent law firms.

The magazine is packed full of information, special features, interviews, case comments, special country focus, patent litigation roundup, service provider focus, patent people moves, company press releases, recruitment, inventor section and a dedicated patent directory of services.

The aim of The Patent Lawyer Magazine is to fill the gap in the market for a dedicated magazine that exclusively focuses on patent law, patent lawyers, inventors and those specialist companies that provide patent-related services.

The Patent Lawyer Magazine will be sent via hardcopy and online to over 10,000 recipients including in-house Patent Lawyers, Private Practice Patent Lawyers, C Suite Executives within large pharmaceutical and technology companies around the world.

The next issue will be published in January 2013 and additional distribution will be available at many of the IP events and conferences where a large number of patent professionals attend.

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