Manchester, 30 October 2018 – Specialist tax relief consultancy, Catax, has announced a collaboration with leading intellectual property firm Keltie LLP (‘Keltie’) to help UK businesses get the most out of innovation.

Catax assists businesses with the complex process of claiming tax relief on Research and Development (R&D), Capital Allowances and Patent Box relief on intellectual property. The Manchester-headquartered firm has recently opened a new office in Glasgow and has bases in London, the Channel Islands and Edinburgh.

Keltie, which is based in London and has offices across the UK and Ireland, specialises in intellectual property (IP) including patents, trademarks and designs and supports firms as they navigate complex IP processes.

Keltie will help its clients, particularly SMEs and start-ups who have not yet taken advantage of government tax incentives, by introducing them to Catax for R&D and Patent Box consultancy. In turn, Catax will refer clients looking for intellectual property advice to Keltie.

Catax and Keltie are both renowned in their fields and this collaboration will see them work closely together to ensure they are able to offer their combined expertise to the broadest spectrum of UK businesses.

Mark Tighe, CEO, Catax, commented:“This strategic cooperation is great news for both Catax and Keltie as we look to assist firms of all sizes as they navigate the complicated processes of R&D and patents.

“Our two companies share a vision to encourage innovation here in the UK, which in turn, keeps Britain competitive and relevant. We hope that by working together, we can help more businesses realise the value of innovation.”

Dr. Shakeel Ahmad, Partner, Keltie LLP, added: “The number one issue for start-up businesses is funding. For growing companies, managing cash flow can be a critical factor of success. Guiding these UK businesses to cash, which is available from Government at an early stage, is really important in helping these companies not only survive but also grow. Whilst Brexit has caused some business uncertainty, encouraging UK businesses to utilise the help that is available will build greater business confidence. It makes perfect sense to work with Catax as they can add a tremendous amount of value for our clients.”

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