Ahead of next year’s eagerly awaited launch of its new PS5 videogame console, Sony has filed patents with the Japanese patent office for a new iteration of its DualShock controller.

The visual design and functionality of Sony’s PlayStation controllers was largely established in 1997 when the Japanese electronics giant released its Dual Analog Controller for the original PlayStation. This controller, with its twin analog sticks, has been iterated upon for all subsequent generations of PlayStation, with Sony releasing its first ‘DualShock’ variant, with added “rumble” feature, for the original PlayStation, before making the ‘DualShock 2’ standard for its PlayStation 2 machine, which remains, at 155 million units sold, the most successful console ever made.

Now, with PS5 on the horizon, Sony’s recent patent filings show that iteration is once again the preferred approach. The DualShock 5, which will feature wireless connectivity in line with its predecessor, apparently removes the color-changing light bar of the DualShock 4 but adds a USB-C port for charging and makes small changes to the sizes of the triggers and analog sticks. Inside the new controllers, Sony is said to be incorporating a next-generation version of haptic feedback.

With PS5 due to launch towards the end of 2020, and with PS4 approaching 100 million units sold, Sony clearly has high hopes for its new machine. A frictionless transition to this new generation will no doubt be helped by Sony once again employing a familiar design for its controllers.

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