RLS LLC announced that it settled the patent infringement lawsuits it filed against Conex Universal Limited. RLS filed its U.S. lawsuit in the District Court for the Southern District of Illinois on January 22, 2018, alleging that Conex infringes claims of two of its U.S. patents. RLS filed its UK lawsuit on May 20, 2019, alleging that Conex infringes claims of two of its UK patents as well.

The patents are related to RLS’s crimp fittings. RLS alleged Conex’s B MaxiPro fitting is covered by claims of the patents. Conex denied infringement and alleged RLS’s patents are invalid.

But yesterday, RLS and Conex agreed to settle the dispute. As part of the settlement, Conex agreed, without admitting liability or infringement, that as of June 30, Conex has changed its design and will stop selling the design of its B MaxiPro fitting that which RLS accused of infringement.

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