Questel entered into a partnership with Darts-ip to provide its users seamless access to global case law information.

Patent and litigation data go together and today, patent professionals need to jump between multiple platforms to connect the dots. Darts-ip will provide its unique case law data (e.g. patent validity status, ongoing litigation, party’s aggressiveness) within Questel’s flagship product “Orbit Intelligence”. Users will further be able to link through to the full case information and documents on Darts-ip.

In order to benefit from this integration, one has to be both a client of Questel and Dartsip. Each provider keeps its specialized focus. “Building a structured and global case law database requires serious effort and ongoing focus. Likewise, our patent database is the reference in the industry and we intend to keep our focus. This partnership is about bringing the best content and the most powerful analytical capabilities to the market by two specialists working together.” comments Renaud Garat, Development & Marketing Director at Questel.

“Beyond its unrivaled coverage, Darts-ip brings unique value with the deep legal understanding used in the analysis it performs. We are very excited to integrate Darts-ip information in our dataset.” says Charles Besson, Questel CEO.

“Questel is a forward-looking company and has been at the forefront on enriching its dataset with other partners. Its Orbit solution links patents with licensing agreements, standards and now global litigations. Links are also offered between patent assignees and their parent company, subsidiaries, revenue, and KPI” says Harold de Walque, co-Managing Director at Darts-ip.

The technical integration has started and the rollout should start later this month (March) and finish in May 2018. The common clients of both platforms will be the first to benefit from the integration.

For more information, have a look at the official Darts-ip release.

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