The Legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple continues, as the Telecomms company now claims the tech giant owes it $7bn in overdue royalty payments. Qualcomm reportedly discussed Apple’s unpaid royalties in a hearing in one of the cases in federal court in San Diego.

Qualcomm has sought increasing legal pressure on Apple after it alleged that the company owes in billions of dollars in unpaid royalties. The mobile chip company reportedly said Apple is $7bn behind in patent royalty payment for the unlicensed use of its chip in various models of their iPhones and iPads.

Apple had used Qualcomm’s chips for the modems in its iPhones but began using Intel modem chips upon releasing the iPhone 7. This latest development marks another chapter in the long saga which has seen both companies engaged in legal disputes for years. Qualcomm last November sued Apple for alleged violation of the terms of the contract between the two companies, as well as separately accusing Apple of violating its patents. Apple has accused Qualcomm of abusing its market dominance. Qualcomm has also sought to ban the importing of iPhones into the US.

Apple allegedly disputes the number of royalties that it owes to Qualcomm, arguing the company is demanding it to pay for the same patents twice.

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