French multinational pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic group Pierre Fabre has entered into a multi-year agreement with Anaqua, Inc., to use the ANAQUA software to accelerate its patent, trademark, and design management processes.

The company’s IP department was attracted to ANAQUA’s flexibility and ability to handle the full range of IP management tasks. They were pleased that the software could respond to the needs of all the different members of the IP department from patent attorneys to trademark lawyers, as well as administrative, documentary and accounting staff at once – adaptability that their older systems lacked.

“We were looking for a new software to modernize our approach,” said Pierick Rousseau, IP Director at Pierre Fabre. “We wanted a system that could adapt simply and continuously to our processes and could enable us to perform a very large diversity of tasks for all our IP & Business related activities. Having all the data, documents and information we need in the same place at the same time is a crucial point, not only to be more efficient and avoid considerable waste of time, but also to improve our analysis relevance and value creation potential. ANAQUA software allows us to enhance this new dimension in our work.”

Pierre Fabre’s product portfolio spans from prescription drugs and consumer healthcare products to dermo-cosmetics. The company relies on its strong IP assets and its ability to innovate to stay ahead of its competitors. Pierre Fabre‘s R&D investments are shared between oncology, central nervous system, consumer healthcare, dermatology, and dermo-cosmetics.

“We are excited to welcome another pharma company to Anaqua’s growing European client base,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua. “As we continue to expand worldwide, it is great to have a leader in the life sciences and dermo-cosmetic industry leverage ANAQUA as its exclusive IP management solution.”

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