PatSnap, the global Intellectual Property Analytics company backed by Sequoia and used by innovative companies to accelerate their research and development (R&D), has today announced a strategic alliance with GreyB (Singapore), a technology consulting and IP research firm working with R&D and IP Law firms, with a sharp focus on intellectual property, specifically patents.

PatSnap, which has offices in Singapore, China, the UK, and USA, has brought together the world’s largest Intellectual Property (IP) dataset. By adding licensing and litigation data, economic data, patent valuation, image and chemical formula search, and trademark recognition, PatSnap provides the world’s most innovative organizations with a new, intuitive source of information for use during research.

With GreyB’s specialization in performing sophisticated and custom human research investigations, the alliance will enable customers of both PatSnap and GreyB to access a complementary and comprehensive range of information, expertise, and services needed to support the innovation strategies of enterprises, governments, and academic institutions worldwide.

Deepak Syal, co-founder and director at GreyB, said: “PatSnap has brought the insights of global IP data to research teams across the world, and at GreyB we are delighted to announce our alliance with PatSnap, which will enable access to intelligent patent data and strengthen our commitment to customers – improving data driven decision for R&D and patents ”

R&D investment is expected to top US$2 trillion in 2017, and with today’s economic pressures, businesses are being forced more than ever to make intelligent investment decisions. In the past 40 years, R&D productivity has dropped by an estimated 65%, and PatSnap’s over 3,000 global customers understand the need to ‘look before you leap’ and make use of PatSnap’s innovation enhancing solution portfolio.

Ray Chohan, VP, Corporate Strategy at PatSnap, said: “Research and development have been experiencing huge productivity challenges over the last 30 years. With GreyB’s outstanding reputation in the field of Intellectual Property research, we are thrilled to share the common goal of streamlining the process of idea conception to commercialisation, and bringing a 360-degree oversight into the innovation landscape to our customers.”

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