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Patent Knowledge Share is a online initiative for 2012/3. CTC Legal Media will provide it’s entire database of IP in-house counsel and IP business managers with essential answers to key questions in several areas of Patent Law.
In-house counsel, business managers and lawyers who visit the website will be able to read answers to important questions in key areas of patent law.
The Q&A format enables readers to quickly access answers on their chosen topic. The content will be tailored by country, offering relevant answers to basic legal questions to a worldwide audience.
For the sponsoring law firms, it is an opportunity to provide relevant high quality information to potential new clients as readers will no doubt need clarification in certain areas and will see your firm as the IP experts in that particular country and make contact with you.
Since the sponsorship is exclusive, companies seeking advice are not distracted by other law firms so your firm will be at the forefront for any action they take.
Once live the service will be marketed to in-house legal experts and other key contacts in big corporation’s worldwide, enabling sponsoring firms to capture the attention of potential new clients and build relationships with those clients.
Each Q&A chapter will also appear once in the main editorial pages of The Patent Lawyer Magazine.
We are selecting your firm to answer these questions, making the answers relevant to your countries laws and procedures.
The answers you give will be made public so please ensure they are correct to the best of your knowledge, please also supply two contact names as these contacts will be required to answer any questions from readers arising from the service.

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