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Tel: + 1 (242) 601 5424
Fax: + 1 (242) 601-7440
Address: 201 West Bay Street
Website: www.outtenip.com
Email: info@outtenip.com

OuttenIP, Counsel & Attorneys is an innovative, intellectual property law firm based in Nassau, Bahamas with legal services spanning the globe. Our professionals regularly advise private individuals and companies on matters relating to intellectual property protection strategies and other commercial issues within domestic and international markets. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies, privately owned businesses and major institutions. Our client focused philosophy combines high calibre lawyers, innovation and industry specific knowledge to deliver sound, practical, professional advice.

Our mission is to help businesses achieve and maintain their commercial advantage in the marketplace by identifying, protecting and commercializing their intellectual property rights. Our professionals deliver customized, valued added business solutions tailored to our clients’ intellectual property needs and business objectives; and ultimately produce commercially, viable solutions that deliver optimal results.


Rodger Outten
Principal, Attorney & Barrister-at- Law

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