PatBase Analytics V2 gives users the ability to bring data sets together into meaningful abstractions, group similar entities and present in a way that can be easily understood by both patent experts and those without patent know-how. The interface and design has been updated and modernized, granting users access to a range of colours and design schemes with the option to insert your own company logo into the chart viewer for sharing with colleagues and clients.

Nicely presented, well-constructed visualizations allow decision makers and data specialists to work together with ease. Interactive visualizations make it easier to understand your search results; with a click of a mouse, you can delve deeper and further enhance your understanding of the data.

“The goal for Analytics V2 was – in principle – simple.” Says James Gray, Senior Software Developer who lead the development of Analytics V2. “Minesoft wants all users, with any level of skill, to be able to take very large and highly complex patent datasets, and easily present them in a visual way that is easy on the eye, easy to interpret and understand, and to be able to interact with, and share this data.”

Minesoft’s primary goal was to find a way to cut out all the time-consuming leg work that would normally be involved in this process. By attaching Analytics V2 directly to the PatBase search results, you can accomplish all these tasks in one location. You can search high-quality, comprehensive patent data, and be presenting beautiful, accurate and meaningful visualizations to key decision makers in minutes.

Minesoft has added many new charts and graphs which are endlessly customisable – including new, intuitive 2D and 3D landscaping tools! Up to 5000 families can be rendered in either a heat map or topological view with relationships within your dataset visualised using keyword cluster analysis to group documents together using common terms in their full text content.

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