Leading children’s entertainment company Spin Master Corp. has sued competitor Alpha Group US, LLC for patent infringement. The lawsuit is over Alpha’s ‘Screechers Wild Toy’, which allegedly infringes on patents Spin Master owns for its global Bakugan® toys.

Spin Master has obtained world-wide patents to protect the magnetic transformation feature associated with its award-winning and successful Bakugan toys. In proceedings recently filed by Spin Master, it is alleged that the transformation feature in Alpha Group’s Screechers Wild toys infringes Spin Master’s patents covering its Bakugan toys.

After the discovery of Screechers Wild Product sales, Spin Master filed patent infringement proceedings in CanadaUnited Kingdom, and the United States. Spin Master is seeking injunctions against continued sales as well as claims for additional damages based upon ongoing sales, despite Spin Master putting Alpha Group on notice.

Spin Master has been actively protecting its Bakugan intellectual property in China, where patent infringement claims have been filed based on its Bakugan technology against GuangZhou Lingdong Creative Culture Technology Co. Ltd, in respect of its line of transforming spheres called “Eonster Hunter”.

“Spin Master actively monitors markets around the world and will continue to assert and protect its intellectual property rights where it believes those rights have encroached. We would like to thank our retailer partners in advance for respecting our intellectual property and doing the right thing for companies that invest in true innovation” stated Ben Gadbois, Spin Master’s Global President, and COO.  Added Ronnen Harary, Co-CEO of Spin Master, “Bakugan was a global toy phenomenon and we have taken, and continue to take, great care to protect our innovative transforming technology in major territories around the world. We have more patents filed, which will strengthen our Bakugan technology further. Spin Master expects its competitors to respect Spin Master’s intellectual property and will take all necessary steps to protect it if it believes those rights are being infringed.”

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