Kimsaprincess Inc., the brand owned by Kim Kardashian, has seen a variety of trouble in the past few weeks in the form of intellectual property lawsuits; with copyright and trademark infringement suits already reported on, the latest lawsuit is over patents.

The trouble now is due to Kim Kardashian’s endorsement of a LuMee light-up phone case for selfie taking. Kardashian has found herself in the center of an ongoing patent infringement battle by promoting a brand that is allegedly infringing on a patent owned by Hooshmand Harooni. The latest turn in this lawsuit is to directly sue Kardashian for her promotion of the infringing brand.

On Monday, Snaplight filed a lawsuit in a Californian federal court, which claims it has ” been extremely difficult for Snaplight to compete in the selfie case market” with the unfair use of the Kardashian name and her social media promotion of the product.

The case stems from the 2013 patent filed by Hooshmand Harooni – and later licensed to Snaplight – for an “integrated lighting accessory and case for a mobile phone device”. Snaplight claims LuMee are now infringing the 2013 patent and causing unfair competition by using the Kardashian endorsements. Thus, $100 million in damages are being sought from Kimsaprincess Inc. and Urban Outfitters for “benefit[ing] financially through increased sales of the LuMee selfie cases”, according to the lawsuit.

Further to the compensation claims, Snaplight is requesting Kardashian is prevented from promoting and using the LuMee cases. The original case between LuMee and Snaplight is currently pending in Delaware federal court. The case has been branded as having “no merit” by a Kardashian representative in a statement on Monday:

“The patent lawsuit filed by Snap Light has no merit and is just another attempted shakedown. Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

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