Want to secure your IP future?

IP Summit 12th edition, Brussels, on December 7-8, 2017
New venue: The Hotel Brussels

An immersive 2-day conference to feel what is going on.
New technologies (digital, IoT, VR, big data and so on…) are impacting our lives in many ways.
Things are changing fast. Get a chance of discovering the latest IP’s updates.

Main topics addressed:
– The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on IP (AI, IoT…)
– 2018, the year of data?
– Fair Remuneration of authors and performers
– European digital platforms
– Brexit impact on Trademarks and Community designs
– Copyrights: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Programme: www.ipsummit.info/agenda
Speakers’ line up: www.ipsummit.info/speakers

This high-level conference gathers + 450 practitioners to discuss the timeliest IP issues and EU reforms related to patents, copyrights, trademark, design and new technologies.

This 2-day conference is the forum to discuss with worldwide experts on IP trends, attend innovative panels and discover the impact of new technologies on IP.

+ 100 speakers, + 400 delegates + 30 IP hot topics discussed through workshops, masterclass and plenary sessions.

Why should you attend?
– Meet the best worldwide IP experts & engage with seasoned speakers
– Discuss with EU institutions representatives
– Three reading-process with strategic, political and regulatory topics
– Network instantaneously through our new app ‘IP Summit 2017’

Join the Pan-European IP Summit at the heart of Europe

Twitter: @IPSummit
LinkedIn: IP Summit
Web: www.ipsummit.info

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