It’s World Intellectual Property Day today, a day that was assigned 17 years ago by the WIPO member states. The theme of this year’s World IP Day is ‘Innovation – Improving Lives’ under the premise that every day, ordinary people are producing extraordinary new things to change the world for the better.

This year, there will be a strong emphasis on the exploration of innovation making lives healthier, safer, and more comfortable; turning problems into progress. The intellectual property system supports innovation by attracting investment, rewarding creators, encouraging them to develop their ideas, and ensuring that their new knowledge is freely available so that tomorrow’s innovators can build on today’s new technology.

The innovations improving lives take copious forms, from the simplistic to the miraculous. Some of the innovations that people are producing every day really are incredible from a billboard in Peru that harvests water from the air to a 3D printer in America that regenerated damaged human tissue. Innovation is a human force that knows no limits. It turns problems into progress. It pushes the boundaries of possibility, creating unprecedented new capabilities.

World Intellectual Property Day 2017 celebrates that creative force. We’ll explore how some of the world’s most extraordinary innovations have improved our lives; and how new ideas are helping tackle shared global challenges, such as climate change, health, poverty and the need to feed an ever-expanding population.

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry says: 

“With this year’s World Intellectual Property Day campaign we are celebrating innovation and how it improves our lives.  We are also celebrating all the risk-takers, all those who have dared to bring about positive change through innovation.

This year’s campaign is an opportunity for us all to think about what it actually takes to invent something and the challenges associated with that process. It is also a chance for us to consider how we can make innovation really work for the benefit of the whole of society.

I wish you all a very happy, fruitful and innovative World Intellectual Property Day.”

There are events going on all around the world today to commemorate #WorldIPDay as can be shown on the map below. For a more detailed map please follow this link 

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