IEEE and IET have announced that the IET’s full-text journals and conference papers have been made fully discoverable for all on InnovationQ plus. InnovationQ plus is a popular patent discovery and analytics platform created by IEEE and

“IEEE and IET have a long-standing relationship. Enriching InnovationQ Plus with this high-quality, leading-edge content empowers IP professionals to discover even more critical business information contained in technical documents to derive key insights,” said Samir El-Ghazaly, 2018 IEEE Vice President, Publications Services, and Products.

InnovationQ Plus combines a powerful machine learning-based search engine with a global patent database and critical non-patent literature to provide a unique IP discovery and analysis solution. It allows IP professionals to see the full picture of the technical landscape to determine patentability, identify market opportunities, and uncover competitive intelligence.

IET’s mission is to promote the general advancement of science, engineering, and technology and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas including knowledge-sharing activities to gather and distribute scholarly and professional content through a variety of physical and online channels to a global audience. More than 230,000 full-text IET journals and conference papers are now indexed within InnovationQ Plus.

“We are pleased to include our content that is highly cited in patents into InnovationQ Plus—a unique, user-friendly platform with powerful tools and analytics that help IP professionals make critical business decisions,” said Vincent Cassidy, Director of Academic Markets, IET. “The addition of IET journals and conference content to this platform increases the availability and utility of IET content for the worldwide community.”

Indexing IET full-text content in the InnovationQ Plus discoverability engine is key to a platform enrichment strategy that has also included numerous other enhancements over the last year. InnovationQ Plus recently added a comprehensive corporate tree from S&P Global Market Intelligence to create accurate portfolios by organizations, enhanced semantic mapping to better evaluate market and competitive landscapes, and an advanced query builder that combines the ease of semantic searching with the precision of fielded, Boolean, and proximity searching.

“The addition of IET content continues to position InnovationQ Plus as a tool for all professionals innovating the next big breakthrough,” said John Bonin, Chief Executive Officer, “The depth of content, speed, and ease-of-use of the cognitive retrieval engine, and the world-class analytics and visualizations is a powerful combination for IP, engineering, strategy, and other business professionals.”

For those of you who were unaware, IEEE is the professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is one of the world’s largest engineering institutions, with over 167,000 members in more than 150 countries.

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