It’s safe to say that around the world, there is an excess of coffee being drank every day. The USA being the largest consumer with 400 million cups of coffee consumed per day.  Business proprietors around the world have been trying to fund new and unique ways o profit on this, and the latest comes from IBM.

The patent filed by IBM titled “Drone delivery of coffee based on a cognitive state of an individual” lists the possibility of harnessing the combination of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) with biometric readings of an individual to deliver the best possible preparation of the necessary beverage.

As per the patent application, the drone may “take advantage of social psychological effects by first providing coffee to a person who is popular, famous or otherwise has a high social status”.

The product, if developed and deployed on a commercial scale, has the potential to save millions in costs. However, it also risks putting millions of jobs of baristas and other associated functions at stake. IBM has not yet disclosed whether and when it plans to actually produce or deploy the coffee drones


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