HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation, a manufacturer of camouflage uniforms used by the military, has announced that it has recently filed a patent application relating to a “Quantum Stealth Light Bending Material” which it refers to, in a nod towards Harry Potter’s famous item of clothing, as an “Invisibility Cloak”.

According to CEO and president Guy Cramer, who founded the Canadian company in 1999, “True invisibility was thought to be impossible by most physicists. Not only does the material hide a target in the visible spectrum but … it also bends in the Ultraviolet, Infrared and Shortwave Infrared while it blocks the Thermal Spectrum, making it a true ‘Broadband Invisibility Cloak’”.

In a pitch designed to highlight the potential military applications of the new technology, HyperStealth claims that by “bending” light around any given object, the material could effectively “hide” a person, a vehicle, a ship, spacecraft, even buildings. The material is said to be inexpensive and paper-thin and does not require a power source. The manufacturer has released over 100 minutes of impressive footage of the material in action.

In addition to its “Invisibility Cloak”, HyperStealth has announced the filing of a number of other patents, including one for a process of “Laser Scattering, Deviation & Manipulation”, whereby a single laser can be split into 3.8 million smaller beams. Such technology would be used in the LIDAR (Lasers that behave like Radars) systems installed in newer self-driving vehicles, allowing onboard computers to “see” in ultra-high-resolution and at much longer distances, effecting, in theory, safer transit for both vehicle and pedestrians.

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