The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department (HKIPD) has announced that a new patent system will be launched in Hong Kong on 19 December 2019.

An original grant patent (OGP) system will be introduced to provide applicants with an alternative route of seeking standard patent protection in Hong Kong. Patent applicants will now have the option of filing standard patent applications directly in Hong Kong, thereby dispensing with the prior requirement of filing their corresponding applications with a designated patent office outside Hong Kong, as prescribed by the existing “re-registration” system.

The Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said that “The launch of the new patent system is a milestone in the development of Hong Kong’s patent regime. It demonstrates our strong commitment to enhancing our intellectual property (IP) protection. It will greatly facilitate the development of Hong Kong as an innovation and IP trading hub in the long term”.

Apart from the introduction of an OGP system, the existing system of short-term patent (STP) protection will be revised, although lawmakers insist that the overall cost-effectiveness of seeking STP protection in Hong Kong will be maintained.

In addition, the use of certain misleading or confusing titles/descriptions relating to patent practice in Hong Kong will be prohibited.

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