A big win for Highlands Natural Resources this week after it was awarded its first patent in the U.S.S for the DT Ultravert well services technology, ‘significantly enhanc[ing]” its strategic marketing position. Highlands added that it is now even more optimistic that it additional patent applications will also be approved.

“Highlands’ strategic, marketing and intellectual property enforcement options significantly widen as a result of the issuance of our first patent.

“Whereas previous marketing efforts relied on the strength of Highlands’ process design and operational acumen to deploy DT Ultravert, the company is strengthened with the tangible power of a first enforceable issued patent.  This adds an important ingredient to the DT Ultravert value proposition, and one that cannot be easily circumvented by competition as the market demand for parent well protection solutions grows.”

The company highlighted that the issue of parent well protection continues to be a “growing and economically significant” challenge for the oil and gas industry, as well density rises in existing large projects

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