The Fellows and Associates 6th Annual  Salary Survey is now live ( with a number of improvements to be found.  This year career breaks are being considered to better assess experience levels and ensure the appropriate categorization for comparison.  An individual’s entire benefits package is also examined as base salaries vary widely and other benefits such as bonuses can sometimes constitute a significant proportion of total remuneration – frequently a bone of contention when measuring industry against private practice.

They once again look to you for support.  Ensuring the report produced is relevant and reflective of the IP industry, and therefore of use and interest to you, is always a challenge.  They have improved the timing of the survey to coincide with the significant number of annual increases and exam pass increases that take place at this time of year and have committed to having the completed report available by 30 June 2017.

In order to achieve this, though, they need as many IP professionals from as wide a cross-section as possible to participate in the data collection phase by 11 June 2017. So go online to and spread the word to colleagues and peers to get involved too.  You’ll even be rewarded with an entry into a draw for a £100 gift card if you choose to leave your email address.

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