A federal appeals court has ruled in Apple’s favor in a $234 million patent dispute with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A 3-0 decision handed down by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the verdict. An additional $272 million which was added to Apple’s initial fine, due to continued use of the patent, is also likely to be overturned.

The suit started in 2014 when the university’s licensing arm (WARF) filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming various models of the company’s iPhones and iPads infringed on their 1998 patent to improve performance by predicting instructions given by users. The university won by jury’s verdict in 2015 with a ruling that the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini 2 infringed the patent. However, The most recent court ruling stated evidence introduced in the liability phase of the 2015 trial couldn’t demonstrate infringement and so overturned the verdict.

$213 million of the verdict was for a finding that stated Apple was liable for Apple-branded products that were made by Samsung Electronics Co.
WARF had successfully sued Intel Corp over the same patent in 2008.

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