Over the past four years, Angola has been trying to get out of the deep crisis that has plagued the country. With the fall in oil prices, the economy has shaken and the stability of companies has never been the same. The Angolan economy was supported substantially by Petroleum. This is evident when we look at the 3600 patent applications in Angola, which mostly belong to the petroleum sector.
The current President of Angola, João Lourenço, took office on September 26, 2017, with the awareness of the serious problems facing the country. It has already been realized that the sustainability of an economy based on petroleum has its days counted, and there is not much time until the automotive sector joins in mass to the electrical systems. Angola is a country endowed with enviable resources, from agriculture, fishing, and forest resources, to minerals. The president of the African Development Bank said that the economic diversification of Angola does not imply an increase in public spending but rather the creation of conditions conducive to the entry of private companies in the most varied sectors of activity.

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