A smart doorbell startup – Skybell Technologies – has filed a lawsuit against industry leader ‘Ring’ for allegedly copying their technology.

The lawsuit claims that Ring knowingly used the technology that Skybell created, thus infringing three of their patents. The ‘knowingly’ part comes from the fact that Joe Scalisi – Skybell’s CEO – sent an email to Ring’s founder Jamie Siminoff that included a link to the company’s patent portfolio in the signature. Although the nature of the email conversation has been kept quiet so far, Siminoff’s response to one of the emails proves he was aware of the patents according to Skybell’s attorneys.

For further clarification of them knowing, the lawsuit claims that Ring reference art in a Skybell patent in one of their own patent applications.

Skybell says in their suit, “Ring has every right to attempt to compete with Skybell via hype rather than innovation. What Ring may not do, however, is compete by theft. Ring has knowingly and repeatedly trampled upon SkyBell’s patent rights.”

Skybell is seeking an injunction against Ring to stop selling their products and is seeking damages, fees and costs.

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