Diversity Matters


According to Stephanie Valentine diversity is key when it comes to portfolio management and getting the right software system.

As intellectual property continues to rise in importance across corporations, law firms, legislatures, courts and even mainstream media, so too has the diversity of roles demanding input (and output) increased. What once was limited to the domain of the legal team, plus outside counsel, is also fair game for everyone from the initial innovators and the R&D management team to licensing and portfolio managers, business analysts and M&A specialists – all the way up to the board of directors.

All of this has made the portfolio management system one of the fastest growing programs in the enterprise since the advent of email – along with fast-growing functionality requirements. A wide variety of departments must interact, often from all corners of the globe. Corporations and law firms continue to work together. Each role requires different capabilities from an IP portfolio management system.

Much more than docketing software, there are several major portfolio management offerings on the market with the range to support these varied activities, such as Thomson IP Manager from Thomson Reuters. Given the ever-changing face of IP and the business environment in general, even the smallest organizations would do well to pursue the best – most accurate, efficient and comprehensive – system if they wish to compete and grow. Request a free trial to read more.

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