Patent portfolios are global and so are patent disputes, hence, patent professionals require a global view. Whether applying for a patent or preparing litigation, having a comprehensive overview of the case law related to a patent family is crucial. Darts-ip will provide its unique case law data and litigation history through Google Patents, providing users integrated access to patent text and case law documentation.
In addition to the full patent text provided by Google Patents, search results will include an indication of litigious cases, if any, in existence for a patent family. Users will be able to navigate to Darts-ip’s page to view the continent they took place on and the type of action (judicial/administrative/arbitration). Darts-ip community members who run searches through Google Patents will be able to maximize the combination of the two sources of information. Members can view all the details about a patent family, and access any existing litigation history and documents in Darts-ip’s patent cases database directly from Google Patents. For example, when viewing US 8,697,359 (CRISPR-Cas), a link to “View patent family cases” appears when Darts-ip has found a litigation case for this family. The link shows a publicly-accessible overview of the regions and types of cases, and Darts-ip users can view all of the details.
In order to gain a comprehensive overview, you can request a dedicated report, which asseses facts to reveal new insights on the litigation history of a patent family without drilling into each individual case. When we analyze a case, we enter up to 140 different non-legal data points. For each of the 11 harmonized legal zones, we have about 300 possible legal points for patents. Our reports make key information accessible, allowing you to leverage the full power of case law. For more information please visit our Reports and Analytics page.
The technical integration and roll-out are effective immediately. Google Patents queries will now include a notification, when available, indicating that there is a litigious case around a patent family.

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