Red Points Solutions

Address: Carrer Berlín 38-48, Barcelona, Spain, 08029.
Phone: EU +34 934 189 433

Red Points is a global leader in brand and copyright protection that uses unmatched technology to defend international brands and online content owners against counterfeiting, digital piracy and distribution agreement violations. Red Points is the preferred brand protection partner for prestigious global brands and content owners in the sporting, entertainment, fashion, editorial, design and luxury industries, providing unique services across the entire digital spectrum.

Through Red Points’ combination of cutting-edge technology and experienced intellectual property analysts, we are able to produce quick, efficient and cost-effective brand protection to a wide range of companies.

Using a tech-driven tailored approach we are able to personalize our service depending on the problem of each client. By implementing machine-learning, image recognition and case management features, we are able to make the process of brand protection as automated and as simple as our clients’ desire.

Team Members

Laetitia Woue

Head of Public Relations

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