Patentwire Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Address: B-10 Ground Floor, Vishwakarma Colony, M.B. Road, New Delhi, 110044.
Phone: -26359956

Patentwire, an Independent Patent & Technology Consulting Firm, is dedicated in providing superior advice and support in areas of Intellectual Property and Business. Our expertise involves a wide range of technologies including those in Chemical, Biochemical, Food Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic Biology, Medical Devices, Microfluidics, Polymers, Life Sciences, IT and Telecommunication, Electrical, Electronics, Software, Utility and more. We believe in knowledge driven economy and utility based technology. Our focus is to work collaboratively with our client to provide effective commercial solutions for a business and utilise various Intellectual property systems to identify opportunities and maximise their revenue.The firm is committed to achieve the highest degree of excellence in patent and technology services. Patentwire emphasises on latest technology updates, well planned research & development, strategic protection & management of IP, technology market place search, identifying & analysing new opportunity areas, technology transfers, and commercialisation. We believe in mind to market approach and provide efficient & effective solutions for achieving goals.

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