Inventa International – S. Tome & Principe

Address: P.O. Box 94 Dili,
Phone: +239 221 897

Inventa International is a full-service specialist in the area of Intellectual Property (IP), dedicated to taking care of all matters that involve IP protection, from registration to the strategic reinforcement of Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Copyrights and Domains.

To respond to the changing needs of customers and markets, we expanded our IP services and also invested in technological infrastructure and information systems.

Throughout the years, Inventa International has been providing the best IP services in S. Tome and Principe and throughout Africa, with a high standard of quality.


As a company specialized on the Intellectual Property (IP) field, we seek to provide the best services and defend our customer’s interests so we can best assure a greater protection of their intellectual inventions and creations. Our number one policy is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers in any of the five continents we work in.


Our vision is of providing expert IP advice and assist our clients in developing and protecting the value of their assets. Thus, we are proud to maintain a long term mutually beneficial and fair relationships with our clients and associates.


Our business values concern the highest levels of service and expertise and we are committed to guarantee our business staff quality, so we can always keep our clients satisfied with our worldwide services in all fields of IP.