In early 2016, Codexis filed a lawsuit against EnzymeWorks in the US District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco for willful infringement of 10 biocatalysis patents and for trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, interference with business relationships and unfair competition.

This week, the court order has established the uncontested infringements of 10 of Codexis’ patents by EnzymeWorks and removes any need for a trial on these issues. Over the past 18 months, EnzymeWorks did not contest the infringement charges or challenged the validity of Codexis’ patents. It was partly on this basis that the District Judge William H. Orrick awarded the summary judgment of patent infringement.

“Codexis is pleased to finally have some closure about EnzymeWorks’ blatant infringement of our patents and disrespect for US patent laws,” said John Nicols, CEO and president of Codexis. “Like our customers and shareholders, Codexis relies on intellectual property rights, and we are grateful that the legal process vindicated our claims and protects our innovations.”

This summary judgment order is a key milestone for Codexis in the lawsuit, however, additional disputes remain to be resolved at a jury trial.

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