Latest industry-leading intellectual property asset management platform helps organizations optimize IP operations

Managing intellectual property assets can be complex. With much to do and seemingly so little time, anything that improves efficiency and maximizes productivity can be a huge benefit to IP operations.

With continued focus and investment in industry-leading products and services, Clarivate Analytics today announced its next release of Thomson IP Manager, featuring Microsoft Outlook integration; SAML 2.0-based single sign-on and USPTO PAIR. These features are available on both Enterprise and Cloud editions of Thomson IP Manager.

Microsoft Outlook integration

By integrating Microsoft Outlook, Thomson IP Manager 4.5 simplifies email document filing workflow processes, while also allowing entire emails, critical attachments or both, to be easily uploaded directly to a corresponding IP record. In addition, updating either a batch of records or an individual record provides an option for attaching the same document to multiple records at once, all of this more efficiently managing legal requirements related to document archives.

SAML 2.0 single sign-on

With the addition of industry standard SAML 2.0 protocol for a single sign-on user experience, users of the 4.5 version can now seamlessly work across Thomson IP Manager and any other SAML enabled applications.


Thomson IP Manager 4.5 also increases time saving and reduces risks associated with manual data errors because it allows downloads of PDF documents, and automatically dockets USPTO actions and correspondence. It also uses the patent pending Process Architect engine to streamline and automate daily docketing tasks.

These enhancements along with all previously available features in Thomson IP Manager allow organizations to derive exceptional value in optimizing their IP operations by streamlining processes, increasing operational efficiency and maximizing productivity.

“The Thomson IP Manager 4.5 release, now with the inclusion of Microsoft Outlook integration, SAML 2.0-based SSO and USPTO PAIR provides comprehensive capabilities and exceptional value for our customers and the IP Management market,” said Venu Venugopal, Global Head of IP Management at Clarivate Analytics. “Thomson IP Manager functionality, scale and performance are unparalleled as we continue to focus on our commitment to the IP Portfolio Management and Services market, which we have been serving for 40+ years.”

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