Clarivate Analytics, the US provider of subscription-based analytics services, has announced its acquisition of Darts-ip, a leading supplier of case law data and analytics for IP professionals. The deal will see Darts-ip providing case law data and supporting analytics solutions alongside Clarivate’s patent, trademark and domain data, and solutions.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), IP filing activity continues to grow rapidly, setting new records in 2018. More than ever, IP professionals are seeking reliable and insightful data and analysis that can inform their strategic and operational decisions.

Jeff Roy, President, IP Group, Clarivate Analytics, said: “We continue to enhance our offerings and reinforce our position as a trusted global partner by delivering critical data and deep domain expertise to innovators everywhere. The acquisition of Darts-ip helps us deliver on that promise by giving customers access to a much wider range of IP solutions and analytics that help solve their most difficult challenges. This is the third recent IP acquisition by Clarivate, demonstrating our commitment to making significant investments in our data, analytics and platform”.

Managing Director of Darts-ip, Evrard van Zuylen, stated: “We are the only legal technology provider that gathers IP case law data worldwide in a detailed and organized manner and as such, we will be well-positioned alongside the range of trusted, global IP solutions from Clarivate. Traditionally, global case law data was not indexed for IP research and often not available digitally, making research difficult. Our AI-driven solutions and analytics enable IP professionals to make more informed decisions through contextual data, making them a great fit for Clarivate’s wide range of IP offerings. We are proud to become part of a global organization with a great heritage in patents, trademarks and domains”.

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