Japanese auto parts and tires manufacturer Bridgestone Corporation has won patent infringement proceedings against Shengtai Group and Shandong Shengshi Tailai Rubber Technology, two Chinese tire makers.

The proceedings concerned Bridgestone’s “Blizzak VRX” tire, which has a distinctive, and patented, tread design, which both Shengtai and Shandong Shengshi Tailai were said to have copied.

The tire in question is intended as a “Winter” tire by its manufacturer, for use in domestic vehicles. The distinctive tread of the “Blizzak VRX” is, according to Bridgestone, designed to provide “excellent levels of grip in icy conditions”.

The decision by the Intermediate People’s Court in Qingdao, China, means that Shengtai and Shandong Shengshi Tailai must, in addition to paying damages to Bridgestone, destroy the molds used to create their infringing tires.

Bridgestone is on something of a winning streak, having also won patent infringement proceedings against another Chinese tire manufacturer, Wanli Tire, back in August.

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