Michigan-based company Omni MedSci has set the precedent for a trial with Apple over its popular product the Apple Watch. As reported by Axios, Omni MedSci – a technology started focused on “near-infrared and mid-infrared broadband lasers” – alleges that the heart rate technology in the Apple Watch infringe on its patents.

Omni MedSci says that it met with Apple over the course of 2014 through 2016, but that Apple ultimately ceased talks about a potential partnership. Shortly thereafter, Apple introduced the technology allegedly covered by Omni MedSci’s patent. The lawsuit has been filed in the Eastern District of Texas – the notoriously patent (troll) friendly area – and Omni MedSci is seeking an injunction against the company as well as damages

Omni MedSci is owned by Mohammed Islam and a quick Google search of the company reveals that he heavily values the art of obtaining a patent. An article from Crain’s Detroit Business, a local news outlet, describes him as the “poster child” of a patent profession: He’s founded six companies based on his patent and even teaches courses on the subject

Apple has yet to comment on the allegations from Omni MedSci, but it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything until the legal case precedes.

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