In the ongoing battle between Qualcomm and Apple, Qualcomm has this week filed yet another patent infringement suit against the iPhone X after Apple suing Qualcomm earlier this year for $1 billion in an unresolved lawsuit filed early this year. The suit is linked to three patents used in the new iPhone and is seeking for an iPhone import ban to be placed. Qualcomm is seeking damages in an amount to be proven at trial, a permanent injunction against Apple, and attorneys fees.

Most of the patents in question cover technologies like carrier aggregation, memory designs, and power management features that are designed help to reduce battery usage, but in one claim, Qualcomm says Apple is using a depth-based image enhancement technique for Portrait mode that violates a Qualcomm patent.

Qualcomm calls Apple “a relatively late entrant into the mobile device industry,” and argues that Apple would not have enjoyed such success had it not been able to leverage Qualcomm’s foundational mobile technologies. It wants the iPhone maker to license the technologies, which it says are not covered by the rules surrounding “standard essential” patents. Those rules require patent holders to offer “fair and reasonable” licensing terms for technologies deemed essential to device operation and interoperability.

Apple has countered by claiming that Qualcomm’s patents were invalid, and now by adding a countersuit claiming that the chipmaker’s Snapdragon 800 and 820 processors use a power-saving technology patented by Apple.

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