An investigation by the United States International Trade Commission (ITC hereafter) has officially begun, looking into a complaint filed by Qualcomm that suggest tech giant  Apple is infringing on six of its patents covering various aspects of mobile phone technology. This comes as part of the ongoing patent litigation case, with Apple suing Qualcomm for $1 billion.

ITC had mentioned establishing a deadline for finalizing its probe within the next 45 days. The patents in question provide smartphones with high performance and extended battery life; while these technologies are central to iPhone’s performance, Apple continues to use Qualcomm’s technology without payments.

Qualcomm are seeking a Cease and Desist Order barring further sales, marketing, advertising, demonstration, warehousing of inventory for distribution and use of imported products in the U.S. Qualcomm boasts that each of its six patents are vital to iPhone functions.

Qualcomm had previously also requested ITC to investigate Apple’s infringing imports and issue a Limited Exclusion Order (LEO) to ban the importation of iPhones and other products linked with the patent in the U.S. This would be very damaging for Apple with a huge portion of their sales coming from imports to the USA.

Over the past three months, share price of Qualcomm lost 3.49%, as against the industry ‘s 0.78% gain

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