The increasingly lengthy saga between tech giant Apple and mobile chip maker Qualcomm seems to have an end in sight as a date is now set for a courtroom battle in April. The ongoing case is fought over multiple patents and royalties lawsuits between the two companies in jurisdictions around the world.

The trial is estimated to commence on April 15 in a San Diego federal court. The suit is one of a number that the two companies are disputing around the world, which largely concern the area of patent infringement and licensing for modem technology.

Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in January 2017 after alleging the chip producer had withheld roughly $1 billion in royalty payments to Apple by charging at least five times more in payments than all it’s other cell phone agreements combined.

Qualcomm made its own filing the following April after the court accused the company of forcing Apple into an exclusivity deal from 2011 until 2016.

Apple diversified its modem suppliers to include Intel, but this partnership prompted Qualcomm to claim Apple stole its trade secrets relating to its Intel.

The possibility of a settlement was raised in a recent Qualcomm interview, but Apple’s legal team insist this is not the case.

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