Apple are ordered to pay VirnetX $440 million after a court of appeals upheld an earlier judgement in favor of the patent holding tech company.

The U.S. Court of Appeals denied Apple’s appeal on a 2016 verdict that awarded VirnetX $302 million. This amount increased to $439.7 million when adding for damages and interest calculated during retrials.

VirnetX first sued the tech giant in 2010 by alleging Apple’s FaceTime infringed on their patents. The two companies have been in a court dispute since after Apple in 2017 said it would appeal the final $440 million verdict. VirnetX was also awarded an additional $502.6 million from Apple in a seperate case after a court found that Apple’s FaceTime, iMessage, and VPN on Demand features infringe on four VirnetX communications security patents.

Apple owes VirnetX $942 million in total, but the patents in question have been ruled invalid by a separate court, and so further dispute is expected. Apple said it will once again appeal.

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