AIPLA’s Women in IP networking events


The Women in Intellectual Property Networking Event run by the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) was held for its seventh year in various non-European countries on May 22, 2014. Numerous events were concurrently held in various geographic locations by law firms, corporations and/or universities

Each event included professional networking for women located in a respective geographic region, who practise IP Law and/or are regularly faced with IP issues in the course of ordinary business. Additionally, each event included seated dinners, cocktail parties, or passed hors d’hoeuvres

First Meeting In India

The First meeting in AIPLA’s Women in IP in India took place in New Delhi. Hosted by LexOrbis, the meeting aimed to provide networking opportunities to women practising intellectual property law weather in-house or otherwise.

This AIPLA event was held across the world in 23 countries and is the first in India. Manisha Singh Nair, the partner-in charge at LexOrbis and a member of AIPLA, who took the initiative to bring this chapter to India welcomed over 50 female IP professionals at the meeting held at the India Habitat Centre. Request a free trial to read more.

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