Canadian drug patent enforcement

Noel Courage, Bereskin & Parr, describes the recent changes in Canada including eliminating the promise doctrine, extending drug patent terms, and improving drug patent enforcement.

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Mapping tools: Turning scary-looking patent landscapes into pretty pictures

Nasreen Bakht Brady, from, explores the ways visualization and semantic mapping technology can help plot the best route to success in an IP/patent strategy.

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Expanding patent protection into the Arabian Gulf

Namir Sioufi, from Saba IP, introduces patent protections systems in the GCC to help potential applicants decide on their preferred route.

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Patent a dosage regimen in China: Mission impossible?

Bin ZHENG, Unitalen Attorneys at Law, investigates dosage regimen patents in China by looking closely at the outcomes of some recent groundbreaking lawsuits and what these means for the future.

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Five ways that IP management systems have failed attorneys

Vincent Brault from Anaqua details five ways in which IP management systems have historically failed attorneys; how software companies are addressing the problem; and what those responsible for selecting a solution should be looking for in an IPM system.

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Current patent challenges in Mexico

Sergio L. Olivares Jr. and Mauricio Sámano from Olivares discuss the Mexican patent scenario, considering the aspects that work well and those that need more development to be to protect inventors.

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When two become one: IP in the age of mergers and acquisitions

Suzanne Kiefer, from Clarivate Analytics, outlines the advantages and difficulties of mergers and acquisitions and their role in today’s popular business strategy.

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Federal Circuit approval

Kenneth R. Adamo, Eugene Goryunov and Brian A. Verbus from Kirkland & Ellis investigate the recent decisions of the Federal Circuit, which approved different results in U.S. District Court litigation and inter partes reviews.

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Meeting of The Minds

Don’t miss the annual American Intellectual Property Law Association meeting this October. Here’s a sampling of this year’s program.

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