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Qualcomm launch second trial seeking iPhone ban

The second trial between Apple and Qualcomm began today before the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.. The iPhone company is being contested by the world’s biggest mobile chipmaker over whether several recent models of iPhones should be banned in...

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Amazon received patent to put workers in cages

2016 saw Amazon granted a patent for cages which could transport humans around their warehouses. Workers would sit in box-like enclosures on top of a claw-arm device and could navigate the work floor alongside the company's robots. The patent surfaced after a recent...

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IBM apply for patent that predicts demand for coffee

It's safe to say that around the world, there is an excess of coffee being drank every day. The USA being the largest consumer with 400 million cups of coffee consumed per day.  Business proprietors around the world have been trying to fund new and unique ways o...

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