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Allergan’s agreement questioned – is it all a sham?

The judge overseeing Allergan's patent trial - Judge William C. Bryson - has questioned the legitimacy of its deal with the Mohawks, asking the company if the whole deal was just a sham.  Legal experts have even suggested that if the Mohawks serve as co-defendants in...

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Columbia sportswear awarded $3 million decision

Last week, Columbia Sportswear Company was awarded more than $3 million in a patent infringement lawsuit against a San Diego company called Seiru Innovation Accessories. The three patents in question at the Federal District Court in San Diego were related...

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Free online intellectual property courses from PatSnap

PatSnap the provider of research and development (R&D) analytics, has today announced the launch of PatSnap Academy, an online learning hub that provides free courses on Intellectual Property (IP). Patents and IP law are highly technical topics, where extensive...

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EU’s proposed patent license fees could hinder Qualcomm

Although not directly, the proposition of the new guidelines from the EU will certainly worry Qualcomm amid its latest patent battle with Apple. It could be argued by some that the EU is actually directing the guidelines AT Qualcomm, but who are we to speculate? The...

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BlackBerry have lost another crucial member of patent staff

It has been reported on by Reuters this week that the man who was leading BlackBerry Ltd’s efforts to make money from its patent portfolio has left. The alleged move from Mark Kokes will allow him to begin a new venture at a health technology company. The statement...

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Gillette has filed a patent infringement lawsuit

The Gillette Company - owned by the Procter & Gamble Company - filed a patent infringement lawsuit this week. The case was filed in the U.S. District Court of Connecticut against Edgewell Personal Case and some of its subsidiaries. The lawsuit challenges...

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Indivior settlement agreement with Mylan

Unfortunately, because the terms of law state that the settlement terms cannot be discussed, there isn't much to report on this. However, the details we do know were released in an official press release rom Indivior yesterday. The statement was as follows: Indivior...

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